First Post: My Story and My First Cards

Nothing says you care like a homemade card. Knowing that there was someone who spent all that time and effort to make you something makes it  unique and special. I never really thought about getting into card making until recently.

Believe it or not, I started card making a few months ago as a result of my wedding. I tried super hard while I was planning my wedding to be cost efficient and make what I could for the wedding. I used a 50% off coupon and bought a paper cutter and a paper boner to make my wedding invitations and name placards. When I went to my local Michaels to buy card stock, it was regular $5.99/ package but there was an end of summer sale going on so it was 4 packages for $10!!! I didn’t need that much card stock but the Asian in me couldn’t resist and I ended up availing of the sale.

So fast forward to post-wedding… surprise, surprise: I had a lot of card stock left over. I still had the paper cutter and paper boner and I didn’t want all this stuff to go to waste. It just seemed natural that I would get into card making so I bought some ink and some stamps and gave it a try. I absolutely fell in love with this craft. It’s hard to describe the feeling but there’s just something fulfilling about finishing these projects. What I love about this hobby is that I can do it periodically over as much time as I want or I can sit down and make something in one sitting and what’s great is that relative to other crafts I’ve delved into, each project doesn’t take that long to make.  I’m saying relatively because I used to decorate cakes for fun and each project would take me 15+ hours to complete and it had to be done within like 2 days. It’s nice being able to sit down for like 20 minutes and start something, get up and do something else, come back to it later in the evening or the next day or whenever to work on it a bit more. It’s great that it’s so flexible. What really pushed me toward this hobby, too, was that I had to get surgery last January and I knew that I would be doing  a lot of sitting while I recovered. I had a few months to think about and prepare so I managed to avail of Black Friday and Boxing Day/ Week sales to get some supplies. I used to paint and I never realized it before but, watercolour painting is so common in card making which is great because I have lots of supplies for it already.

I guess the point of this blog is to share with you all my new found love of paper craft, teach you what I’ve discovered, and keep a record of my card making journey. I hope to whoever reads this, that I can inspire you and that you can take something away from reading this blog.


Everybody has to start somewhere. These two cards were the first cards I ever made. I tried making a few watercolour background cards and using these awesome stamps from Mama Elephant that I got from Black Friday sales. Definitely not my best work, but they’re my first cards and I didn’t have good supplies at the time. I promise it gets better in future posts.


Aren’t these the cutest stamp images? I’ve used them quite a bit so they’re a bit ink stained. Let’s just say they are very well loved.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create card base: Cut card stock down to size (8.5″ x 11″) and use bone folder to crease centre. Set aside.
  2. Cut piece of watercolour paper to 4.25″x 5.5″ and tape to a board using painter’s tape or paper tape (Something that’s not going to tear your paper when you take it off) on all 4 sides. This helps prevent your paper from warping while you watercolour the background.
  3. I used Distress ink to watercolour these backgrounds. For the panda card, I used festive berries, salty ocean, and squeezed lemonade. For the fox/bunny card, I used salty ocean, squeezed lemonade, and dusty concord. I smeared the ink onto a plastic surface and added a bit of water to it.distress ink
  4. Wet watercolour paper using brush and apply ink randomly on the paper. I used my embossing heat gun to make it dry faster.
  5. Untaped my watercolour paper and trim a few millimetres off each side just so the card base creates a border around the watercolour panel. Set the watercolour paper aside.
  6. Stamp, colour, and cut out the images of the panda, balloons, fox, bunny and umbrellas. and positioned them onto the watercolour panels roughly where you want them to go.
  7. Select and stamp sentiments and heat emboss.
  8. Adhere watercolour panel to card base using adhesive. I used Tom Bow tape runner.
  9. Mount stamped images onto watercolour panel using double sided foam adhesive.
  10. Stamp sentiment on inside

If anybody is interested in the products I used, they are linked below. I am participating in an affiliate program and I do get a small percentage from the sale for referrals. This by no means affects you or costs you anything but it just helps me offset the cost of supplies so I can keep creating more and fuel this awesome hobby! That’s all from me for now. I would love to see your guys’ first cards!!!

For my Canadian friends, here are things you can buy on

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