Lawn Fawn Summer Release Haul and Review

Happy mail came for me few days ago. I WAS SO EXCITED! This particular order had a few items from Lawn Fawn’s summer release including the Mermaid For You stamp set, coordinating dies, Slide On Over dies, and the new inks: chilli pepper, guava, and blue jay. Ever since I saw the preview for the release I had my eye on the mermaid set!


I love it when companies release sets that coordinate well with previously released sets (ie. Fintastic Friends and Jelly Star). What’s great about this set is that it’s so unique! I haven’t seen a mermaid stamp set quite like this one on the market yet.


The mermaid characters were drawn in a very cute style and come with  accessory stamps to dress up them up. In addition to that, Lawn fawn has even included a cute seahorse, narwhale, several scene building stamps (coral, seaweed, large rock, and fish), and a couple pun filled sentiments: “We mermaid for each other”, “Sea you soon”, and “Waving hello”. I’ve kind of been working on scene building lately  and I don’t have many other sets that can build ocean scenes with so the Mermaid For You set is a great start!



Another thing that I was really excited about was playing with the Slide On Over dies (partially pictured in the first photo, on the right). I LOVE INTERACTIVE CARDS!!  This is a great use for pennies except too bad Canada got rid of pennies in 2013!! I thankfully have a handful of American pennies to try this with from my last trip to Florida! Lawn Fawn nicely included sliding slots for both long and short straight and curved tracks and one partially and one really curvy track. So far I have only had time to made one but I am really looking forward to making more of these interactive cards. Check it out in action below.


Lawn Fawn also added three new inks to their collection: Guava, Chili Pepper, and Blue Jay.

Compared to other inks in their collection, Guava’s kind of a slightly darker, bolder Wild Rose and Chili Pepper is like a cross between Cranberry and Lobster. These two new ink additions would be really useful for layering stamps. I really like Blue Jay. It’s a beautiful royal blue and a great addition to their colour collection. Here’s what they look like in comparison to similar colours in their collection.


I’m super excited to start playing more with my new stuff! Look forward to a tutorial in the future! If anybody is interested in anything in this post, the links are below.

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