Update: No Card Making Lately, Just Cake

I haven’t been doing any paper crafting for the last couple weeks. I’ve been busy with October weddings! I’m a hobbyist cake lady so I like taking cake “projects”. Let me show you guys what I’ve been up to.

These are the two cakes I did for this month:


thumb_img_6833_1024My top cake I tried to keep it simple. The bride wanted cat wedding cake toppers and flourishes on the cake to match the wedding invitation. The cats and the ribbon/bow were made with fondant and the flourishes were done with royal icing. The whole cake was then sprayed with a pearl sheen that the camera was unable to pick up. The pearl sheen gives the cake a little extra something in a dimly lit  wedding reception. When it does catch some light, it subtly shimmers.

My bottom cake was what I call an “artistic liberty project”. Basically,  I could do whatever I wanted for it, so I decided to try something I’ve never done! The ruffles are made with fondant that I cut several strips of and zig zagged them back and forth then laid them strip by strip on the cake. It took me about 7 hours to ruffle the whole cake. I didn’t have time to make flowers from sugar so I bought the hydrangeas from Micheals.

Besides cake, I have been moving stuff around in my house because I’m trying to create a craft space for myself. I have been previously working off my kitchen table which gets annoying when company comes and I have to clean things up and bring things out again when they leave. I’m excited to have some space to work where I don’t always have to move things around when company comes! I’m hoping this will make my work flow more productive. ^_^

I have also been slowly working on another youtube video ,which I will upload soon so you can look forward to that.

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